Chief The Sock Dog [and his journey through Europe]

Chief was created in January 2008 as a gift for a a soon to be deployed Chief, SWC Edwards. He would soon become famous as his journeys are blogged.

I’m proud to be the creator of Chief, and to say that he’s still traveling. His new owners update the blog often, and recently commissioned two more sock dogs. I look forward to hearing about their travels, too.

In Romainia:


Fore more about Chief and his travels, check out his blog:


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I adore mushrooms, so after making and using my fruity pincushions, I decided that it would be a great idea to make some mushroom ones. I had some left over parts from another project, that I had no idea what I was going to do with, but when the mushroom project began, I immediately thought of them. It’s 3D. I’ve been using the prototype for a couple months now with no issues. It doesn’t constantly fall over on most surfaces when you put in pins. It stands perfectly on it’s own. No issues with toppling.

Mushroom Pincushion

These will be available for purchase later this month at and my etsy page along with more images of the product.


more mushroom sellers:
[click the images to view their listings]

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Eddie Van Halen’s Guitar… Monkey.

A customer contacted me earlier this month asking if I could create a monkey for her for her husband modeled after Eddie Van Halen’s Guitar. I looked it up, and decided to give it a go…

Van Halen Guitar 3 Van Halen Guitar 1  Guitar

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Valentine’s Day Monkeys…

Valentine’s Day Monkeys

I’ve made 7 of these 16″ monkeys this year for Valentine’s Day. Each one has a different name somehow related to Valentine’s Day in different cultures, and comes with a care card and a name card with the following message:

“Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is upon us. Chocolate and Flowers are everywhere… This special monkey is a reminder that someone loves you very much.”

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ruby spiders…

it’s finally done. from start to finish, it’s all ours.

i drew the pattern in illustrator, printed it, cut it out, sew’d it up… luckily i have the guidance of my wonderful sewing mother, who was there to give me some advice in learning to make these. i had my fears, because i’d never sewn a purse from my very own pattern i’d drawn in illustrator. but, it worked. and it worked well. i’d rock this purse… i’m sure i’ll have a whole collection of them, once i get more designs flowing.

so, zparkleys is now on the road to carrying full size purses.

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crafting purses…

i’m so excited to report that i have taken a leap into purse design, not coin purses, already doing that, but actual purses.

it’s taken a few days, and for the first two, we studied patterns, i stared at purses i own, browsed some online sites, and finally, i sketched out the shape i wanted, and fudged a gusset, constructed two of them, testing size and thickness, and i’m so happy to say that my very first, from scratch purse, will be unveiled soon.

just have to finish the lining…

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Willard Wigan…

when i first saw wigan’s sculptures i was so in awe that i just had to make a post dedicated to him… after all… this is one of the ultimate killer krafts.

wigan was born in england, 1957. he has astounded even the most intricate of professions with his teeny creations. he uses sand, dust, and hair from the back of a fly when creating his works of art, some of which are too small to see with the naked eye, and require a high powered microscope to view… sitting on the tip of a pin, the eye of a needle, a grain of sand, and even… a human hair.

visit wigan online, as his own website.
also: wikipedia

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