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Willard Wigan…

when i first saw wigan’s sculptures i was so in awe that i just had to make a post dedicated to him… after all… this is one of the ultimate killer krafts.

wigan was born in england, 1957. he has astounded even the most intricate of professions with his teeny creations. he uses sand, dust, and hair from the back of a fly when creating his works of art, some of which are too small to see with the naked eye, and require a high powered microscope to view… sitting on the tip of a pin, the eye of a needle, a grain of sand, and even… a human hair.

visit wigan online, as his own website.
also: wikipedia


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features for august…

– my lemonade pincushion is featured at Mon Motif, on August 22nd.

– my watermelon pincushion has been showcased at Smidge, on August 21st.

thanks, a bunch, to both!!!

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sock monkeys…

jewelry was always the main focus of zparkleys, mostly because the 3 of us that had started it got the idea while beading.

i, personally, was raised by a crafter, and come from a line of crafting people. pretty much every family member has 1 to 20 crafts they do [mostly]. i personally dabble in all mediums, any medium i can get my hands on and try.

at some point, when i was using the name, i decided that i was going to start making sock monkeys. my first one wasn’t the best monkey, he was a direct attempt to follow the standard red heel sock monkey directions. eventually, i modified here, i modified there, and now, i have my very own, distinct, sock monkeys.

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